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  • Please send us an email at, call 1 403 278 4084 or text us at 1 403 605 8128 to check availability.
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  • Everything else is taken care of! You’ll receive lots of helpful information from us prior to your departure – things like entry requirements for Indonesia, what to pack (and what you don’t need to bring), currency questions, books to read, hotel information and shopping and bargaining tips.
  • We’ll set up a WhatsApp group chat closer to our tour date to quickly share information.
  • We work with you every step of the way to ensure you know what to expect on every part of your journey.
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Bali is unique in so many areas and having Cathy’s knowledge and contacts and ability to know what the group wants (shopping, spirituality, safety, locations) made the trip feel effortless. Bali lives in Cathy and to experience it with her gives you an extra special view. I’m already booked to return with Cathy next year.


Calgary, AB

My Babes in Bali trip with Cathy was absolutely AWESOME! She ensures that anything you could possibly need has already been looked after. Five star service, start to finish!


Calgary, AB

Thank you Cathy for the exceptional way that you had each of us fall in love with Bali, the special people you introduced us to, and to treasure the moments.


Winnipeg, MB

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Cathy, I would just like to say that my trip to Bali was an absolute dream.  I had no idea on leaving Canada what Bali was all about but I absolutely fell in love with the island.  I would recommend this trip to any woman who wants to learn about another country, be pampered, enjoy the camaraderie of other women and just have a great, non-stressful vacation.  Thank you, Cathy for everything you did for us.

It was a wonderful time.  I would enthusiastically do it all again.


Amherst, Nova Scotia

Cathy I’ve come away from our Bali tour with a so many memories of our experiences and the beautiful locals. Meeting and interacting with the Balinese people elevated our excursions to a whole different level. Our group was treated like royalty because of your contacts. It makes a difference to have someone like you that knows Bali so well, planning the itinerary and being with us the entire 2 weeks. The “Babes” were special and I had no idea of the connections I was going to make with the other women on this tour. Bali was always on my bucket list and you truly made it a trip of a lifetime.


Calgary, AB

Registration Now Open! October/November 2024 Tours…

Babes in Bali 2024 Fall Tours – BOOK NOW!

Contact us for our newly released October/November 2024 departures!

After 27 tours since 2002, Babes in Bali is back with two departures in 2024 to meet substantial pent-up demand for small group travel to this magical destination.

We are now more than ever acutely aware of the positive personal benefits and social impact of global travel, and that it is indeed a privilege never to be taken for granted. Bucket-lists have taken on renewed urgency as we seek to bring dream destinations to reality and to seize the moment for true experiences of a lifetime. Is today your opportunity to take the leap to rejuvenate yourself and join the sisterhood of the Babes in Bali Alumni?

Are you ready to Book a Tour? 

After not travelling anywhere for a few years and always wanting to do this trip with you, it was a dream come true. I wanted to experience the Balinese way of life and I most definitely get why you love it so much.  To me – the people are so genuine and giving and some of the happiest people on the planet.  I shall never forget them – their big broad smiles and appreciation for everything, their patience and kindness.  I loved every moment of the trip – everything you planned was thought out very carefully.  I must say Cathy – you are an amazing lady – so dedicated to what you do, so caring and helpful to all of us. I loved listening to your explanations of our daily events and I was deeply moved the way you were able to present your gratefulness in thanking people when we were leaving them. I shall treasure this trip always.  It was a bonus meeting so many new ladies – so many different backgrounds and unique personalities and yet all coming together to share and enjoy Bali.  I loved the fact that there was no judgment – just coming together and sharing new experiences.  I feel so blessed and thankful to have been able to share this journey to Bali with you as I was beginning to think it would never happen.


Calgary, AB