British Columbia

"Miss Cathy....you are the most awesome tour leader ever! I don’t know how you do it! Not an easy job, that is for sure. I felt that you handled everything with ease and grace and worked hard to keep the group happy at all times."

Susan and Ali

Calgary, AB

"Thank you again for all your efforts on this trip. It was truly a remarkable experience and a trip of a lifetime that Ali and I will always look back on with such fondness. I have always marveled at how well you had everything timed. All we had to do was show up and enjoy a phenomenal experience. I know there were times during booking when I questioned myself on the $$, but boy it was so worth it. Couldn't have had a better travel experience. A huge thank you to Nick as well. He is a remarkable fellow and in completely the right line of work. He loves his country so much, and that is evidenced by his knowledge and enthusiasm to educate his clients. His grace and care for us was so genuine and made me feel well cared for. Keep up the trips. I may be on another one someday!"


Calgary, AB

"Dear Cathy, I’m feeling such immense gratitude for having experienced Bali with you. We’ve all spoken of what a great group this was, and it’s true, this was an amazing collection of spirited, enthusiastic women, but I truly believe it was your beautiful personality and thoughtful guidance that brought us all together. You are so good at what you do. The Gods faces were certainly turned towards us, from the moment we stepped off the plane. I’ll never forget this adventure, and so many of our experiences will guide me in my future attitudes and decisions. To say it was life-changing, while a little dramatic, is the truth. Thank you Cathy…keep doing what you’re doing. This world is a better place because of you. With deep gratitude and love,"


Edmonton, AB

"Cathy, you are amazing. I wouldn’t have come back again for a 2nd Babes in Bali tour if I didn’t think that. I can’t stop talking about the trip and specifically you and your organization. I have recommended your company/trip/you to many that I have c.c.’ed you on, but in addition I have printed your brochure and have given to another 5/6 people. I love you, your dedication, your attention to detail, your caring heart."


Calgary, AB

"I have never been on a tour before so I do not have the experience to compare you to others but what I will say is that you have raised the bar very high for my expectations of a Tour Leader. Resourceful, Passionate, all the details that are there to ensure a great experience, Accessible, Caring, Fun and Never-Tiring. You are “All-In” for your groups and I do not know how you do it for 2 tours in a row but you deliver! Your true heart and caring for the Balinese shines through the tour – it is amazing to watch you in your passion!"


Calgary, AB

“Cathy – you put together a trip I will remember forever. You were and are amazing. Your love of Bali shines through and brings the experience to a whole new level."


Calgary, AB

"Thank you for sharing your passion of Bali. It was a life altering visit for me and I had the best time ever. I also met some lifelong friends. Loved the group picture to keep and my pink ring! You have amazing patience."


Calgary, AB

"You did a fabulous job as tour leader and we really appreciated your attention to detail. We felt we were able to experience the real Bali without having to research, worry and plan in advance. We felt comfortable leaving everything in your capable hands!"


Calgary, AB

"Cathy – your passion for all things Bali is infectious. Every part of the trip was so well organized and appeared to happen effortlessly which I suspect speaks to how much work you put in to it in the months before the trip even started. Changes to plans on the fly and additional last minute shopping trips were handled seamlessly from our perspective."

Joanne and Grace

Calgary, AB

"Cathy, you were exceptional. You had everything organized right down to the last detail. It was so professionally orchestrated, and you made it seem effortless, all the while enjoying your time with our group."