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Our goal is to offer you a unique opportunity to step off the beaten track, embrace the local culture and to indulge yourself like never before. With our small group size, we take you to places and enjoy experiences that are not accessible to larger groups. Plus, we are familiar with and can arrange many activities that those travelling on their own may not even be aware of.

You’ll never have to worry about the details. We take care of that. Your focus will be on making you the #1 priority while immersing yourself in the extraordinary. You’ll enjoy luxurious accommodations, top-notch dining experiences, unparalleled relaxation, authentic Balinese culture and spirituality and a chance to meet and connect with other like-minded women. Plus, you’ll be delighted at how reasonable the prices are for both the tour and local costs. We’ve kept our pricing very competitive by dealing directly with hotels, tour operators, restaurants, local guides and tourist attractions.

We’re happy to accommodate single travellers as well.  If you prefer to share with someone, we’ll make every effort to match you with a roommate.  If that’s not possible, you can choose to have your own room (at additional cost), knowing that there will be other fun-loving, adventurous women to share your travel journey with.

Thanks so much for all of your work in creating a wonderful trip where I could relax and have all of the details looked after for those special two weeks. What a wonderful group of women from varied backgrounds. It is very special to do things with other women and make some very close new friends.


Calgary, AB

As a single woman traveler I had so many questions and concerns. Cathy removed any worries and replaced it with a dream vacation so well managed you just float along from pampering to 5 star locations to living the dream.


Okanogan, BC

Cathy - your knowledge, professionalism, enthusiasm and love of Bali definitely shone through as you showed us ladies the beauty of Bali. All the activities gave us an insight of how the Balinese people live. I thank you for an awesome adventure and leaving me with wanting to return to Bali.


Chilliwack, BC

Travel Insurance

Although it is not mandatory, Erawan Travel Ventures highly recommends you purchase Cancellation/Interruption Insurance.

All participants will be required to carry adequate medical insurance in order to join a Babes in Bali group tour.  We will be pleased to consult with you on the best insurance coverage, as well as providing you with a quote, noting we are only licensed to sell insurance to Alberta residents.

Need more information?

PHONE: 1 403 605 8128
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Packing advice

  • LUGGAGE: Make sure to check with all the airlines regarding their checked luggage and carry on allowance. It can vary from one airline to another, especially if you are on both domestic flights versus an international flights.
  • CARRY ON: These are some items to pack in your carry on: smart phone, iPad or laptop, phone charger, reading glasses, passport (must be valid for 6 months beyond your travel dates), medications (in the original packaging), airline e ticket, travel itinerary, insurance policy, credit cards, ATM cards, neck pillow, eye shades, ear plugs, pashmina for the airplane (it can sometimes get very cold on a long flight).
  • Consider bringing a change of clothing, bathing suit, nightie, etc., in case your luggage is delayed.
  • Dress in layers on the plane so when you arrive in Bali you can take off anything that is too warm.
  • Take photos of your passport, credit cards, important documents etc., and store on your phone in your notes or a photo folder.
  • Getting laundry done is very inexpensive in Bali so you can pack light. However, dry cleaners are not that common.
  • Bring sandals or shoes that are easy to get on and off. The Balinese typically do not wear shoes in to their homes or dining areas (not including restaurants) etc. Anything with laces or fussy clasps will be frustrating if you’re taking your shoes on/off multiple times a day.
  • Generally Bali is quite casual. No need to bring fancy clothes or dressy sandals.
  • Your clothing should be lightweight and breathable fabrics and flowy designs if possible. Anything constrictive can get hot and uncomfortable.
  • Bring more bras than you think you’ll need. Laundry can take longer to dry because of the humidity and you’ll be switching out your bra more often, also due to the heat and humidity.
  • Sunscreen is expensive so bring what you’ll need from home. The sun is strong, and sunburn can be very unpleasant and even ruin a few days of your holidays if you are not careful.
  • DO NOT get the local currency called Rupiah, in advance. It’s easy to change money at the airport and of course there are lots of ATM machines around the island.
  • Bring Zip Lock plastic baggies in a few different sizes (just for storing items – keeps your luggage organized)
  • Consider using packing cubes – they are a very easy way to keep your luggage organized and make packing and unpacking seamless.
  • Bring an electricity and voltage converter (220V in Indonesia)
  • If you want more support on uneven surfaces or stairs, consider bringing collapsible walking poles
  • Leave room in your suitcase for all the gorgeous treasures you’ll find in Bali. Shopping, especially in markets, cultural centers and at the beach is one of the main attractions in Bali with some unique handicrafts at super reasonable prices.

This trip was a gift I gave myself. I was a bit nervous at first travelling and not knowing anyone. In the end this was the best thing! I met many wonderful new ladies and got to only think of myself - this was the best part. We were treated very well by everyone we met. This was partly because that is who the Balinese are, and mostly because Cathy has spent many years cultivating relationships that allow her tour groups this honour. The hotels we stayed at were perfect! We always seemed to be in the best located places. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone that wants to see the ‘real’ Bali. My only recommendation is I should have arrived a few days before the tour started. You did suggest this but I didn’t heed this wise advise. Overall Cathy the whole thing is amazing. 1) because Bali is incredible and 2) you have put your heart and soul into creating this amazing tour. Your ability to make each and everyone of us on the tour feel special and unique is a gift. I am grateful to have been part of the experience.


Calgary, AB

Amazing journey thanks to you Cathy. It was your knowledge, connections, patience, kindness and always eager to assist attitude that made this holiday one that will live in my memory and heart forever. I have told many people that this was not just a holiday but an incredible journey into a beautiful culture. You knew where to take us, what restaurants we should eat at, what places to sleep at and of course where to shop! Because of your experience and knowledge we were allowed into the hearts of the Balinese people...and that is where the journey began! Thank you Cathy for giving me an experience not just a holiday!!


Calgary, AB

Visiting Bali is such a fabulous experience. I truly believe Cathy you are what makes this trip so great. Travelling with a group of women was also amazing. Everyone was there for their own reason and yet the trip seemed to have been designed for the group as a whole. I tell everyone that if they are going to visit Bali to go with Cathy's Babes in Bali group. I am so glad I went, I have memories to last a lifetime


Calgary, AB