Group Travel

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Our goal is to offer you a unique opportunity to step off the beaten track, embrace the local culture and to indulge yourself like never before.  With our small group size, we are able to take you to places and enjoy experiences that are not accessible to larger groups. Plus we are familiar with and can arrange many activities that those travelling on their own may not even be aware of.

You’ll never have to worry about the details.  We take care of that.  Your focus will be on making you the #1 priority while immersing yourself in the extraordinary.  You’ll enjoy relaxation, authentic Balinese experiences and meet other like-minded women.  Plus you’ll be delighted at how reasonable the prices are for both the tour and local costs.  We’ve kept our pricing very competitive by dealing directly with hotels, tour operators, restaurants, local guides and tourist attractions.  And the ‘Babes in Bali’ even get discounts at certain shops, restaurants and spas.

We’re happy to accommodate single travellers as well.  If you prefer to share with someone, we’ll make every effort to match you with a roommate.  If that’s not possible, you can choose to have your own room and pay the single supplement, knowing that there will be other fun loving, adventurous women to share your travel journey with.

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Cathy Gotfried, the creator of the ‘Babes in Bali’ journeys has been exploring Bali since 1983.  She is well connected in Bali and loves everything about Bali.  After 14 Babes in Bali groups, she has selected the most amazing activities for you to experience. You’ll be kept busy, but not so busy that you can’t find time to be pampered in the exquisite local spas.  You’ll travel through lush vegetation in mountainous regions, spectacular rice terraces, local villages with colourful markets and of course you will be meeting the beautiful and hospitable Balinese people along the way.  You can learn to cook Balinese food, ride an elephant, attend a dance performance, ride a bike through the countryside, shop till you drop, visit historical temples, attend and participate in a purification ceremony, snorkel in the Indian Ocean, learn the fine art of making a Balinese offering and eat the most delicious food on the planet.

This travel opportunity is for women who love to travel and who would appreciate the freedom and sense of total relaxation of having all the details taken care of while they explore this exotic, spiritual and cultural island.  And did I mention shopping!!!!  Or spas?  Amazing restaurants?  And perhaps even some friendships for life…