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More than just a vacation – an experience of a lifetime! We believe that travel should incorporate fun and adventure, relaxation and exhilaration, learning and growing but most of all it should be a unique experience that holds many memories. And you’ll get all of that as part of your Babes in Bali experience.

There is no other destination in the world quite like Bali. Stunning scenery, colourful markets, unique culture and spirituality, glorious spas, fresh, artistic and globally inspired culinary offerings, greener than green rice terraces, shopping galore and the real highlight…the most gentle, hospitable people on the planet (just wait until you see their smiles!). And all this combined with value for money beyond your wildest expectations!

After decades of exploration and research, we promise to show you a side of Bali that you would never find on your own. Bali is not just where we do our business, it has been part of our life for almost 40 years, and represents a place, people, culture and natural beauty that has become part of us, and our growing Babes in Bali family, while capturing hearts and souls.

Meet the “Head Babe”

Founder, Cathy Gotfried

Cathy’s passion for travel, and early discovery of the beauty of Bali during her first visit in 1983, led to numerous personal and family visits over the ensuing years, culminating in what became the first Babes in Bali tour in 2002. We didn’t know it at the time, but what was set to be a one-off group has turned into the main focus of Erawan Travel Ventures. Since then, our Founder has introduced over 500 women of all ages and walks of life to this exotic and dream-inspiring destination.

Cathy personally escorts each trip and insightfully curates a unique and intimate experience for each individual that will inspire and create personal memories to last a lifetime.

As a Feng Shui Practitioner, Cathy is attuned to a way-of-living which very much resonates with Balinese life, and although adapted by country and region, is widely practiced throughout Asia. Feng Shui is the study of the relationship between your life and your surroundings. It’s so important to live (and travel!) in harmony and balance with your environment, so that the energy works for you, not against you.

This is one of the reasons Cathy loves Bali. The energy is balanced, with Yin and Yang perfectly aligned. Many of our participants say that the energy of Bali is refreshing and calming, but also invigorating.

“There is nothing more rewarding than escorting a group of women and experiencing their joy and fullness as they are awestruck with the beauty, culture and spirituality of Bali.”

~Cathy Gotfried, Founder,
Babes in Bali

Connect with Cathy

For me, Bali is paradise. A place to take a deep breath, embrace simplicity, connect with local people and the community, surround myself with nature and reflect upon the blessings of life.

Our personally curated itinerary will immerse you in Balinese culture, while inspiring you with its spirituality. Bali has the largest Hindu population outside of India; however it has evolved into its own brand of Agama Hindu Dharma with unique Balinese character, animation and creativity.

The Balinese people will teach us how they live in harmony with the world through their devotion to tradition, celebration, community, family and nature, while celebrating spirits past and present. From testimonials of our over 400 Babes Alumni, we often hear how Bali has “changed their lives” through an awakening of higher priorities and broader perspectives.

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Cathy you are the best!!! To introduce me to such a magical place like Bali was indeed a lifetime experience. The Balinese are a beautiful people with a culture that offers serenity and peace. I cannot thank you enough for your knowledge of the Island, your zest for embracing different circumstances and your infinite patience in handling our group. I will cherish the memories forever and would love to travel with you again.


Calgary, AB

I had so much fun and saw so many wonderful things. I am so grateful to Cathy for such an incredible trip. You put your heart and soul into giving us this memorable trip Cathy. I can’t thank you enough for making me feel so safe and part of this incredible travel opportunity.


Calgary, AB

Cathy, you opened so many doors to special experiences we would likely not have had, had we ‘done Bali’ on our own. We could not have had better travelling companions – talented, intelligent, funny women all. I’ve not laughed so much for a long time, nor been so relaxed for ages. My shoulders and my ears are no longer welded together.


Winnipeg, MB

Well what can I say – I keep coming back for more! This was my 2nd Babes in Bali tour and you are truly one of a kind! Your knowledge of the country and its people allowed us to experience things and events that just would not otherwise be possible. Your trip has a nice balance of culture, shopping, relaxing, touring and spirituality.


Calgary, AB

What makes us unique…

Where it all began

Back in 2002, our Founder, Cathy Gotfried organized and escorted our first Babes in Bali adventure.  Having fallen in love with Bali in 1983, Cathy knew it was the perfect destination for a group of adventurous, curious and fun-loving women.  You see, there is no other destination in the world like Bali.  Stunning scenery, colourful markets, unique culture and spirituality, glorious spas, globally inspired cuisine, lusciously green rice terraces, centuries old temples, gorgeous locally made handicrafts and of course the most gentle and hospitable people on the planet.  And all this at a very affordable price. 

We know Bali Best

Cathy is proud to plan each itinerary and has the pleasure of managing and escorting every Babes in Bali tour, which includes showing you a side of Bali that you would be unlikely to find on your own.  After 37 trips to Bali and 27 Babes in Bali groups, Cathy will share the ‘Best of the Best’ of Bali to create a memorable experience as you explore the countryside and get to know the people of this mystical island.

Small intimate groups

Our small groups of just 15 – 18 participants, allow you to appreciate a unique and intimate experience.  Your days will be spent walking in rice fields, exploring markets, relaxing in the beautiful spas, visiting the most sacred temples on the island and learning to cook Balinese food.  You will be enthralled by Balinese dance performances, shopping for amazing handicrafts, experiencing beach-walks, snorkelling in the clear blue waters of the Bali Sea and relishing in the culinary variety of the many local restaurants.  But most of all, enjoying a little ‘me-time’ and making life-long connections with your fabulous travel mates.

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