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Babes in Bali[/h2]

In the fall of 2002, we organized our first Babes in Bali adventure.  Having fallen in love with Bali in 1983, Erawan Travel President Cathy Gotfried knew it was the perfect destination for a group of adventurous, fun-loving and inquisitive female globetrotters.

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There is no other destination in the world quite like Bali.  Stunning scenery, colourful markets, unique culture and spirituality, glorious spas, fresh, artistic and globally inspired culinary offerings, greener than green rice terraces, shopping galore and the real highlight…the most gentle, hospitable people on the planet.  And all this combined with value for money beyond your wildest expectations!

[/ubl_font_size]After decades of exploration and research, we promise to show you a side of Bali that you would not find on your own.  The experience of 36 trips to Bali and 25 Babes in Bali groups means that we offer not just a unique experience, but the ‘Best of the Best’ that Bali has to offer to ensure your ultimate enjoyment and an unforgettable travel and cultural experience.

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One of our advantages is that our groups are small…typically 15-18 participants…allowing you to enjoy a unique and intimate experience.  Our days will be spent walking in rice fields, exploring markets, relaxing in beautiful spas, visiting the most sacred temples on the island, learning to cook Balinese food, watching Balinese dance performances, shopping for locally-inspired handicrafts, experiencing the delicious food at the many, and diverse local restaurants.  But most of all enjoying a little ‘me-time’ and making life long connections with your fabulous travel mates.

You can come on your own or bring your favourite travelling companions.  Either way you’ll enjoy the safety and security of a small group while we take care of ALL the details!  With over 31 years of industry experience specializing in international, luxury and adventure travel, we have anticipated your every need.  Many tour escorts do not have the benefit of this valuable, hands-on travel agency experience, so rest assured that your tour manager and “Head Babe”, Cathy Gotfried, is there to look after even the smallest details.



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Babes In Bali 

by Erawan Travel Ventures


Calgary, Alberta, Canada Phone: 403.278.4084 



About Cathy Gotfried

After working in the Corporate world and teasing herself with some amazing travel adventures, Cathy made the leap into the Travel community in 1986.  For many years her primary focus was organizing adventure travel around the world, mixed with handling just enough discriminating and demanding corporate travellers to keep her well-rounded.





In 2001, after enduring incessant tales of the wonders of Bali, Cathy’s friends and clients encouraged her to organize our first group, and voila, the Babes in Bali adventures were born.  There is nothing more rewarding than escorting a group of women and experiencing their joy and fullness as they are awestruck with the beauty, culture and spirituality of Bali.  What we thought was just a ‘one off’ trip, has become the exclusive focus of our business. 22 “Babes” groups, 1 Babes and Babettes (Moms and teenage Daughters group), 3 Family groups and 3 Couples groups later we continue to be inspired to share our knowledge, experience and love of this magical island.

Cathy is also a Feng Shui Practitioner, having graduated from Calgary’s Mount Royal University in 2006.  She originally enrolled in the Feng Shui program to better understand what was behind this ancient art.  In Asia, Feng Shui is practiced by almost everyone, although not always formally.

Feng Shui is the study of the relationship between your life and your surroundings.  It is an ancient set of Chinese techniques and methods used to determine how you can live in harmony with your environment and create the most auspicious personal living and working space.  Translated, Feng Shui means “wind” and “water” and is used to create balance in your life, home and work environments.  It’s so important to live (and travel!) in harmony and balance with your environment, so that the energy works for you, not against you.


This is why Cathy loves Bali so much.  It feels balanced in so many ways, as they seem to have the Yin and Yang energy perfectly mixed.   Many of our participants say that the energy in Bali is refreshing, relaxing and also invigorating.  They come away with a better sense of who they are and what is really important to them…just another added benefit of the Babes in Bali tour program.

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